World High Life is Exploring the UK Cannabis Market

We are happy to announce World High Life as a sponsor for our special one year anniversary edition of First Wednesdays, taking place June 26th as part of European Cannabis Week.


World High Life Inc. is an investment company that will soon commence trading in the UK.

They were established by founders of Supreme Cannabis (TSX: FIRE) and 1933 Industries (CSE: TGIF) on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) – both companies now at the forefront of Canada’s legal landscape.

As an investment company with a strategic focus to invest in or acquire companies operating in the CBD wellness and medical cannabis industry, WHL is partnering with First Wednesdays in London as they see the parallels between the UK’s current CBD and medical cannabis market and Canada’s from five years prior. The company is now exploring all market opportunities in London for its initial public listing, followed by additional North American and European markets.

With 30 years-experience on TSX, CSE and OTC public markets creating volume and liquidity, their team will use the experience they have gained at the forefront of the cannabis industry in North America to replicate proven models for success for company growth and investor success in the fledgling European CBD wellness and medical cannabis industry.

To learn more about World High Life’s work in the United Kingdom, contact them here.

To attend June 26th’s First Wednesdays event, you can register here or on the European Cannabis Week website.