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We’re delighted to have MGC Pharmaceuticals join us as a sponsor for the one year anniversary celebration of First Wednesdays taking place next week.

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This guest blog is brought to you by Ron Lipsky, Vice President, Business Development & International Relations at MGC Pharmaceuticals.

Given the steps MGC has taken to expand and cement our position as a leader in the production and distribution of phytocannabinoid based medicinal products throughout Europe and Oceania in the past year, we are more excited than ever to participate in this dynamic and exciting First Wednesdays event, especially when paired with European Cannabis Week, an amazing chance to network and connect within the industry, and to understand the legislation and regulatory restrictions we will have to contend with in each region.

With FW celebrating a landmark year of events, and with MGC daily expanding our distribution network and our presence as a first mover in this ever-growing and challenging industry, we feel that we are all truly beginning to demonstrate just how impactful our fledgling industry is going to be on multiple continents, both as far as individual treatments and our impact on public health and the ever expanding need for research and development by serious institutions and organisations.

In MGC’s view, we are poised to impact various industries and to create paradigm shifts in the value of treatments provided, while constantly trying to increase our value offering to the most important members of this supply chain… the patients. Researching genetics that lower our raw product pricing, engaging in groundbreaking research with high level institutions on bio-availability and crossing the brain blood barrier are all parts of our agenda to learn more in order to create the best products possible for our patients, giving them the chance to live full lives using the medicines that they have found work best for them.

Ron Lipsky,  VP Business Development & International Relations at MGC

Ron Lipsky, VP Business Development & International Relations at MGC

In the UK, we have been given the chance to enter the market early with products which we believe will help widen the door of access, allowing more and more patient groups and also doctors and pharmacists the chance to learn about and to integrate into their treatment options, the kind of pharmaceutically formulated products that MGC is leading the way in creating.

For us, being at FW is a chance to tell our story to the most important interested parties – the people at large, who will effect the change which allows our company to thrive. We see this as a wonderful meeting place for ideas, realities, and for the global opportunities to create a better world for patients and their families.  We embrace the opportunity to talk to and with the people who are on the ground and actively changing the rules in each country, a position we have not been in engaged in as much recently as our global footprint increases, but a process we are always ready to support and add our value to.

I look forward to, and welcome anyone to come by and chat with us… we are here to meet you!

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