Hill Dickinson Brings International Cannabis Expertise to Europe

This guest blog is brought to you by Michael Corcoran, Partner at Hill Dickinson, who we are delighted to welcome as sponsors of London’s September First Wednesdays event.


Since the deregulation of cannabis for medical purposes in November 2018 there has been significant interest in the medical cannabis market throughout the UK and Europe. In addition, there are number of developments for investment into the wellness fields involving CBD related products.

Considerable investment in the areas of research, development and manufacturing has created a window of opportunity for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs that simply did not exist in previous eras.

Hill Dickinson has been at the forefront of this space, bolstered by widespread expertise in law relating to healthcare, regulation, international trade and commodities through a commercial prism. The life science sector has been a key focus for us in recent years, with the experience gained by our health and technology teams lending itself to strong progress in the medicinal cannabis industry.

According to recent research published by the International Narcotics Control Board, Great Britain is the world’s largest producer and exporter of medicinal cannabis. As a nation, we produce almost 100,000 kilograms of cannabis every year. In such an environment, with demand for political reform gaining momentum, the importance of legal compliance cannot be overstated.

Michael Corcoran, Partner at Hill Dickinson

Michael Corcoran, Partner at Hill Dickinson

Long-term relationships must be built, enabling transparent communication and guidance tailored specifically to the objectives of your business, be it in the medical or wellness fields or providing support to those that are. That’s why we take a personal approach to client on-boarding and development, blending technical competence with human understanding, giving businesses the security they need to prosper.

As a firm, we advise a number of large North American companies with regard to cannabis, gaining a nuanced appreciation of the international landscape as it is evolving. On a personal level, I have worked on some high-profile cases, focusing particularly on the application of law across different jurisdictions. Given the strict licensing arrangements that control the production and supply of cannabis and cannabis related products, such matters are likely to gain importance as the industry spreads across the globe.

In this regard, Hill Dickinson are excited and thrilled to be endorsing the next First Wednesday event on 4th September. We look forward to seeing you following, what has been for some more than others, the August break.