Sheridans, sponsor of First Wednesdays in January 2019


We are delighted to announce Sheridans as the sponsor of First Wednesdays in January 2019. To learn more about the company, we asked a couple questions to Stefano Debolini, a solicitor at Sheridans.

First Wednesdays, December 2018.

First Wednesdays, December 2018.

Can you tell us more about Sheridans?

We are a full service law firm based in the heart of Soho, with expertise spanning media, technology, branding, data, e-commerce, publishing, sports, theatre, hospitality, advertising, creative entrepreneurs and venture capital, among other areas. 

We’ve worked with organisations interested in medical cannabis to navigate issues ranging from money laundering concerns, advertising regulations, branding, commercial contracts & intellectual property, through to investment and joint ventures.

What are your expectations for the UK medical cannabis market?

The medical cannabis sector in the UK is evolving.  As is public awareness of those developments.  We’re expecting it to take a little time for the industry, and the regulatory processes and ancillary services around it, to develop.   

Still, we think there are numerous sources of momentum.  New science, new devices and methods of extraction and other technology, new uses cases for various cannabinoids, increases in licensing applications, along with more demand from patients and the public, are all likely to drive development.

Those in primary care regularly field questions from patients, and we understand the current regulatory regime doesn’t make it easy for patients to get access to medical cannabis. Not that it necessarily should.  Certainly, recent advice for GPs published by the RCGP doesn’t paint a particularly encouraging picture for patients in need, describing the process as new and complicated, and unlikely to be fast.

We look forward to working with organisations to support them through both industry-specific issues they might come across, and also more commonplace legal requirements, such as employment, taking investment, agreements with suppliers and customers, protecting their IP, owning their brands and exploiting their innovations.

Learn more about Sheridans and their services here.

Pierre-Yves Gallety