First Wednesdays

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First Wednesdays is a networking event for those working in medical cannabis in the UK.

The group meets on the first Wednesday of every month in a Central London location. Attendees range from entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and NGOs, all excited by the fast moving UK medical cannabis scene.

First Wednesdays is your chance to get involved with the people who are embracing this exciting and rapidly evolving space.  


In the media



 The industry’s visibility is increasing too. Cannabis consulting firm Hanway Associates runs First Wednesdays, a networking event in London and Paris for people in the industry. About 30 people signed up for information on the events when they began in mid-2018, and now more than 500 have, Hanway co-founder Alastair Moore said.

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Our Foundations

The First Wednesdays London group was founded by Alastair Moore and George McBride (Hanway Associates), Paul Birch (Centre for Medical Cannabis) and Tristan Gervais (Canaccord Genuity). It started in June 2018 with the first few events held at 18 Hanway Street and the Chess Club in Mayfair. Since then it has grown from a gathering of 15 people to over 350 people monthly.

The simple founding principle was to connect people better in London’s  burgeoning cannabis scene. With the rapid growth of the event in year 1 to over 1,000 total participants, we were approached by prospective hosts from other major European cities.

We are evolving

Our membership is growing and our events are getting bigger. Get your brand in front of the entrepreneurs and investors building the UK’s cannabis industry.

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DLA Piper X First Wednesdays

London - March 2019

“We were proud to be the sponsor and to be associated with the event”

- Jonathan Deverill, Partner at DAC Beachcroft
and sponsor of FW in December 2018 


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